About the Designer/Maker

Lorraine Blalock Chavies is an American fashion designer/maker who specializes in women’s bags and accessories.  From the onset of the company, Lorraine has been the creative force behind the label, with her husband as her partner. The designs are influenced by Lorraine’s love for carpentry, whereby much attention is given to the construction, detail and workmanship of the product lines. Lorraine earned her BA in Organizational Leadership at Eastern University, MA in Education and Training at University of Phoenix, and uses her 30+ years of administrative and leadership experience to carry out the vision and mission of Lady Raine Designs, LLC.

Lorraine started pattern making and sewing for her dolls at age seven with instruction and guidance of  her Aunt Garnette.  This passion has been rekindled some 43 years later. Lorraine often shares that ‘it was at that time that I knew that my purpose in life was to use my hands and creativity to items of everyday use to help people.  I just didn’t know that it would be as a designer of women accessories”.

Lorraine is creating a sense of tradition by designing and manufacturing (made in USA) eclectic styles of women’s  handbags and jewelry that are seen as wearable art. Lorraine is known for her methods of blending a variety of mediums, which include leather, tapestry, and canvass to create timeless designs that will enhance the  casual, professional and formal styling of women of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

The Journey

In August 2008 Lorraine received compliments about a jewelry set (made for personal use), which was followed by orders from family and friends. Shortly thereafter, the Lady Raine Designs, LLC (LRD) label was launched in the small basement of her home with the support of her husband and three children. The legal entity of LRD was created. Yes, the dream of designing and handcrafting handbags and jewelry had become a reality.  It’s been almost a decade on this journey paved with endless opportunities of learning from both pleasurable and challenging experiences. The company’s bio provides information about relationships and experiences that have influenced the growth and development of my skills and artistic abilities. For sure, this process has taken longer than expected.

While hand painting leather for a clutch handbag, I finally got it. Yes, after many years and efforts to define the Lady Raine Designs brand, I had that “ah ha” moment. I sat at my work table, tilting my head from side to side, as I created art work to be integrated into the construction of a clutch handbag.

At that very moment there was a flood of positive energy that affirmed me, the Lady Raine Design, LLC  vision, mission, and brand.  Immediately I began to reflect on my life and many of the experiences that have left negative imprints on my subconscious from as early as five years old. A picture can speak a thousand words.

Issues of childhood sexual abuse, abandonment, rejection, and neglect were breeding grounds for a road that “could have” led to self-destruction. Procrastination, perfection, and self-sabotage are three of the behaviors that gained momentum in my need for coping strategies.

The process to self-awareness isn’t always easy, but is it necessary. One of my favorite mantras is “To thy own self be true”.

The Brand

Through each product offering, and relationship building experience with customers, clients and community, Lady Raine Designs’ #1 goal is to be known for the handcrafted inspirations that are channels of positive energy.  The wearable art pieces are designed to  encourage self-love, gratefulness, and empowerment.  The  design and production process renders eclectic handmade bags and accessories that express the importance of quality and service.